Serum Protein Thiol Test

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There has been quite a number of papers published, establishing that individual estimates of DNA repair as they relate to health risk. This body of work has pointed out the importance of oxidative stress as a source of environmental up- and down- regulation of DNA repair. In other words like most factors important in regulating individual susceptibility to disease, DNA repair is controlled by both genetic and epigenetic factors, a concept not fully appreciated earlier when estimating health risk from impaired DNA repair. Once understood, this research was followed by estimates of DNA repair that could be surrogately indicated by serum thiol status (i.e. epigenetic effect). This background literature has been reviewed and a colorimetric procedure for estimating serum thiols in a reproducible manner presented that showed its value in predicting longevity and outcome from HIV infection (Pero et al, Serum thiols as a surrogate estimate of DNA repair correlates to mammalian life span, Jour. Anti-Aging Med. 3(3): 241-249, 2000). In addition, a recent human study has also supported the reproducible nature of this test and its ability to detect antioxidant therapy intervention (see Giampapa, study).

Serum Protein Thiol Test - $79.00

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